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State Sector

ADManager Plus for State Sector

10 reasons why your organization needs ManageEngine ADManager Plus.

If you are facing at least 3 out of these challenges in your organization:

  • For an ever-growing company, manual billing of new employees;
  • Difficulty automating simultaneous creation, editing and cancellation of the same employee accounts in different workspaces/platforms (AD; Exchange; Office 365; Google Workspace; Skype for Business Server);
  • Leakage of confidential information of the company and the complexity of the mechanism of access to the accounts of former employees;
  • Difficulty optimizing software costs (if the former employee’s account is tied to an automatically renewable Microsoft 365 license);
  • In the case of weak passwords, the threat of leakage of confidential information of the organization;
  • Preventing internal cyber-attacks of the company;
  • Manage new employee account creation processes without IT team support;
  • The threat of unwanted changes in the configuration of the active directory, without the possibility of restoring it;
  • Difficulty with detailed/advanced reporting on multiple accounts;
  • Difficulty in responding to changes in pre-defined policies and rules in the active directory.

Then, Syntax offers ways to solve existing challenges using ADManager Plus.

  1. You will be able to create accounts for new employees at once and automatically grant them predetermined access, rights and licenses in the context of the relevant department;
  2. You will be able to simultaneously create accounts of different spaces (AD; Exchange; Office 365; Google Workspace; Skype for Business Server) for a new employee;
  3. You will be able to automatically and timely cancel the accounts of former employees, which will allow you to completely limit access to confidential information;
  4. By deleting the accounts of former employees, you will be able to automatically release the licenses that were attached to these employees in the Microsoft 365 licenses, which will save you from additional costs and manual errors;
  5. You will be able to provide each employee with strong passwords based on State organization policy;
  6. You will be able to detect and track “unusual” behaviors of company employees and prevent leakage of confidential information (UBA);
  7. You will be able to delegate the process of creating new employee accounts, for example to the HR team, etc.
  8. You will be able to easily restore the initial configuration in case the change is not desirable for you (for example, if a change caused by a person with external access and/or an employee causes a service interruption, because the company does not have information about the specific details of the change, it is possible to return the configuration to the original version with one button);
  9. You will be able to generate the specific and template reports you want with the help of the active directory;
  10. You will be able to receive automatic notifications of any changes to the Active Directory, including changes to existing policies and rules.

To sum up:

ManageEngine ADManager Plus – ManageEngine Active Directory (AD) is a management and reporting tool that allows IT administrators and technicians to easily manage Active Directory objects, rights, group policies, create not only Active Directory, but simultaneously different workspaces (AD, Exchange, Office 365, Google Workspace: SKype For Business Server) reports, extract reports of different types and complexity within one interface – at the click of a button.

AD Manager allows you to automate routine tasks as well as perform backups at the object level.

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