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Endpoint Central for Tourism Sector

14 reasons why your organization needs ManageEngine Endpoint Central

If you are facing at least 3 out of these challenges in your organization:

  • Accounting and management of IT infrastructure and corporate mobile devices with limited resources;
  • The need to physically arrive at different locations to resolve different incidents occurring at the same time;
  • Security challenge, which involves controlling and identifying privileged access to the IT infrastructure;
  • Difficulty accounting for the removal, replacement, and addition of expensive computer parts, computers, and servers;
  • A security challenge that involves controlling devices connected to USB ports;
  • Automatic management of all software security updates (Patch Management – both operating system and third-party software) in a single space;
  • Security challenge, in terms of information leakage prevention;
  • The need to temporarily stop the employee’s activity in order to eliminate the incident.
  • The problem of detecting excessive costs in the costs incurred for software/licenses;
  • Distributed management of cryptographic security;
  • Security challenge, which involves controlling the movement of mobile (tablets, laptops, mobiles) devices;
  • Leakage of sensitive company information from mobile devices;
  • Lack of automated reporting related to IT infrastructure;
  • Create security and other policies quickly.

In such a case, the company Syntax offers solutions to existing challenges through Endpoint Central:

  1. You will be able to centrally record and manage:
    • Endpoints (servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets) + corporate mobile devices of the organization;
    • All software;
  2. You will be able to remotely eliminate critical cases of incidents occurring at different locations;
  3. You will be able to easily identify and control privileged access to the IT infrastructure;
  4. You will be able to discover facts about the removal, replacement and addition of important parts in computers and servers through alerts and scheduled reports;
  5. You will be able to centrally control what peripheral devices (for example: mouse, memory card) are connected to this or that computer;
  6. You will be able to automatically manage all updates related to software security in a single space (Patch Management);
  7. You will be able to protect any sensitive information from leaking from any computer owned by the company (Data Leak Prevention);
  8. You will be able to eliminate incidents remotely on the employee’s computer so that the employee won’t have to stop working.
  9. You will be able to evaluate how many licenses are purchased and how many are in use by the company, which will allow you to optimize costs;
  10. You will be able to manage the cryptographic security of the company’s computers from one console, which will allow you to protect sensitive information from outsiders (Bit Locker);
  11. You will be able to monitor the movement of mobile devices (tablets, laptops, mobiles) owned by the organization (MDM-Location Based Actions);
  12. You will be able to control access rights (MDM-Conditional Access) of mobile devices owned by the organization (tablets, laptops, mobiles);
  13. You will be able to generate automated and diverse reports related to IT infrastructure;
  14. You’ll be able to quickly create and deploy security and other policies.

Endpoint Central – consists of:

  • Automatic patch management;
  • Remote software installation;
  • Imaging and OS deployment;
  • Mobile device management;
  • USB device management;
  • Control of applications (white list; black list);
  • Asset and license management;
  • Remote Control;
  • Tools: system tools, application, chat and system manager;
  • Configurations: 30+ configurations for Windows, Mac, Linux and more;
  • Auditing and Reporting.

To sum up:

ManageEngine Endpoint Central includes an MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution that manages and protects mobile devices, applications and data from a single console.

ManageEngine Endpoint Central manages approximately 200 million endpoint devices across 25,000+ organizations.

The ManageEngine MDM solution controls mobile device applications, data and security so employees can work seamlessly on devices.

MDM allows you to monitor, manage and secure corporate and non-corporate mobile devices in your organization from a single console, while generating automated reports at the desired frequency.

85%+ of users renew their licenses every year, which is a reflection of the number of satisfied Syntax users who trust the capabilities of ManageEngine and Endpoint Central. Therefore, Endpoint Central is a reliable security system.

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