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LOG360 for Manufacturing Sector

6 reasons why your organization needs ManageEngine LOG360.

If you are facing at least 3 out of these challenges in your organization:

  • Difficulty in identifying problems and causes in the State Department existing systems (Soft/Hard) in the shortest possible time, which subsequently causes the company’s work process to stop (downtime);
  • Manual errors in log analysis by the employee (including missing security logs) and the difficulty of aggregating logs from thousands of sources;
  • Automatically collect logs from custom applications (applications that do not have automatic log forwarding functionality);
  • According to the logs, the discovery of unusual manifestations of the work behavior of employees;
  • Difficulty finding correlation between logs from different sources;
  • Archiving logs from each source.

Then, Syntax offers ways to solve existing challenges using LOG360.

  1. You will be able to easily find the necessary/problematic entries in thousands of logs that hinder business processes (downtime reduction);
  2. You will be able to sort the logs with the filters you need, to prevent the employee from making mechanical mistakes (leaving a critical log unattended);
  3. You will be able to automatically turn logs into a single space from your individual software (which does not have the function of automatic delivery of logs);
  4. You will be able to automatically study the user’s behavior (time, frequency, usual pattern of work) and in case of unusual behavior, see the message automatically received in the system;
  5. You will be able to automatically correlate the logs you need (Eventlog Analyzer), which will help you quickly identify problems with your IT infrastructure and reduce the security challenge;
  6. You will be able to view archives of incoming logs at any time (logs are automatically archived once every 24 hours, and compressed once every 7 days).

LOG360 consists of:

EventLog Analyzer

AD Audit Plus

Exchange Server Auditing

M365/Azure AD Auditing

User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

To sum up:

ManageEngine LOG360 – will give you the opportunity to turn thousands of log files into a single space, monitor, automatically receive information about conflicts and unusual actions, and with the help of all this, ensure the smooth operation and security.

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